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K Street Appraisal is a one of a handful of companies that does house appraisals on a national basis. K Street Appraisal offers better turn-around times, lower price points, and higher quality house appraisal work than our national appraisal company competitors.


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K Street Appraisal prides itself on world-class appraisal customer service, quick turn-around times, and only the highest quality HOUSE APPRAISALS. Best of all, our appraisal services are competitively priced.

We are a national appraisal company and help our lenders comply with the Home Valuation Code of Conduct.

K Street's appraisal web portal features online appraisal ordering, real time status updates, & electronic report delivery. This portal eliminates the run around and phone tag hassles typically associated with the house appraisal process.

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K Street Appraisals provides real estate information and resources to guide homeowners and homebuyers through the process of attaining a mortgage, selling and buying a house, condo or other realty property. K Street Appraisals directly provides real estate appraisals. K Street Title is a title company providing real estate title insurance, title search, and real estate closings. We have services to help you find the best real estate broker or agent; get the value of your home and a comparative market analysis (CMA); view real estate and MLS listings; and get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Through our partners, we also provide real estate and financial services to consumers looking for houses for sale or selling their home, appraisals, title insurance, title searches, real estate settlement, new homes, foreclosures and other services. K Street Appraisals also serves as an appraisal management company. We are different than other appraisal management companies. If you plan to do for sale by owner (FSBO), we can connect you to real estate companies, agencies and resources to sell or purchase a home. Whether you say REALTOR®, "Realator" or "Realter," "realty," "realety" or "reality", "real estate" or "realestate", our agents speak your language. Whether you say "appraiser", "apraiser", "appraiser", "appraiser", "apraisor", "appraissor" we speak your language.

Necesita un agente que habla Español? Muchos Agentes especializados en Bienes Raices de K Street Appraisals hablan Español y pueden ayudarle a encontrar inmuebles a la venta, calcular el valor de su casa o su propiedad, y vender y comprar un hogar en Ste Genevieve County. Cuando se registre para encontrar un agente de bienes raices en Ste Genevieve County, simplemente indique que necesita un agente que habla Español.

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